NASA launches online resource hub

NASA launches online resource hub

NASA has launched a new digital platform, NASA At Home, as an online hub of the space agency’s best content from across the universe. NASA has added free e-books, virtual tours, podcasts, and other STEM content to its website, which enables us to virtually experience life as an astronaut. 

Whether you want to learn more about NASA’s moon to Mars plans or what it’s like being part of the Artemis Generation, you can explore out-of-this-world resources that have been curated to educate and inspire people of all ages from home.   

Explore the fascinating work of astronauts and join budding space travellers in the conversation on TwitterMany were keen to find out more about their eligibility for the application process. 

Be an Astronaut twitter question

Others will be hoping their stars align for a place on the next mission, taking the hashtag #BeAnAstronaut to another level. 

Meanwhile, other stargazers jumped on the hashtag #askNASA for a chance to get their burning questions answered.  

what is beyond the edge twitter question

Seeing as life on earth feels at a standstill, planning a trip closer to the sun could provide the much-needed bout of escapism we’re all craving in self-isolation. We’d swap self-isolation for staring into space any day! 

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