New Launch For TripCreator

New Launch For TripCreator

TripCreator has launched a Free Forever Plan that allows small and medium-sized companies to gain access to global suppliers and sell at a higher volume while allowing suppliers to capture a bigger market share.

TripCreator started as an itinerary builder for travellers to plan and book trips in one platform.

It wasn’t long before the company saw how TripCreator could solve a bigger need for travel professionals planning trips at a large volume on a daily basis.

It’s now a one-stop solution specially designed to help travel professionals save time by providing all aspects of the itinerary at their fingertips. That translates into the ability to increase team productivity, customer engagement, and sales conversions within a shorter amount of time.  

The easy-to-use robust admin portal provides clients with business data that they can use for more effective marketing and personalised customer service efforts to meet customers’ needs.

The company said: “Companies that sign up for Free Forever receive our platform for free and immediate access to our global suppliers. On top of that, they can also use TripCreator to create their own custom offline inventory, share with their customers, and start selling.

“In other words, they expand their inventory in just minutes — no strings attached.”

Hilmar Halldórsson, CEO said: “We believe that there is enough space for everyone to operate in. Borders are gradually diminishing thus allowing the tourism industry to continue growing globally,” says Hilmar.

“Instead of focusing on competition only, why not create a space that can benefit all players? When we combine forces and lower barriers, we can create and sell more together,” he added.

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