Celebrating Puerto Rico with celebrities

Celebrating Puerto Rico with celebrities

Discover Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rico Tourism Company have launched a series of eight videos highlighting the island’s top locations, starring award-winning composer, lyricist and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda.

This series is part of Lin-Manuel’s commitment to promote his home island, and to raise the awareness of Puerto Rico as a tourist destination.

He said: “In addition to great beaches and tropical rainforests, Puerto Rico offers a remarkable fusion of world-class cultural, artistic and gastronomic experiences”.

He talked up the stunning museums, public artwork, concert arenas, theaters and opera houses, dance halls, historic districts, a robust and rebuilding coffee industry and artisanal local restaurants.

Each of the eight videos lasts five minutes or so and features other famous Puerto Ricans including singer-songwriter Lucecita Benítez; actress Denise Quiñones; the agronomist and coffee expert, José Alberto Atienza Nicolau; musician Luis Sanz; journalist Mariana Reyes; salsa singer Willito Otero; and urban artist PJ Sin Suela.

2019 marks the 500-year anniversary of the city of San Juan and there is a programme of cultural events taking place. Elsewhere, the island offers the only rainforest in the US forest system and bioluminescent bays, with interesting products for ecotourism, medical tourism and the LGBTQ+ community.

Discover Puerto Rico is a newly established private, not for-profit destination marketing organization.

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