Iceland unveils touring route and Viking-inspired retreat

Iceland unveils touring route and Viking-inspired retreat

A coastal touring route in northern Iceland and ‘turfhouse’ holiday homes will be among the new highlights for Visit Iceland.

The 900-kilometre Arctic Coast Way is Iceland’s first official touring route and aims to encourage visitors to explore the less well-known north.

It includes island-hopping to five islands, 21 remote fishing towns and villages, whale-watching spots, hiking trails, lighthouses, geothermal pools and microbreweries.

Meanwhile, a complex of luxury holiday homes opened in summer 2019, close to Iceland’s Golden Circle and popular landmarks.

Inspired by an Icelandic Viking farm, the Torfhús Retreat houses are made of stones, turf and wood.

Each house has two bedrooms, spacious living area and a geothermally heated basalt stone pool.

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