Postojna Cave Park reveals secrets about its history

Postojna Cave Park reveals secrets about its history

Slovenia’s Postojna Cave Park will showcase new tours of secret surveillance hotel rooms – a legacy of the time when the country was part of Yugoslavia.

Over the past 200 years, the cave at Postojna has been visited by 39 million tourists, including travel pioneer Thomas Cook, who included the attraction in his first world tour.

The vast cave complex is home to blind cave salamanders, called ‘baby dragons’, and visitors can explore the subterranean landscape on a unique underground train.

Nearby is Predjama Castle, a fairytale medieval fortress built into the cliff-face.

The team from Postojna Cave Park will be at WTM London to talk about the recently discovered surveillance rooms, which had been hidden in the grounds of the famous Hotel Jama, built in 1971.

The hotel now offers interactive tours to learn about the eavesdropping activities of Yugoslavia’s state secret service.

Located in the heart of the Postojna Cave Park, the hotel is also a starting point for day trips to Ljubljana, Bled, the Slovenian coast, Trieste and even Venice.

Also at WTM London, the company which runs the cave park will promote its latest venture: Vila Planinka, a luxury boutique hotel in Jezersko, an hour’s drive from the cave resort.

It opened in early 2019 and is built of native natural materials – mostly wood such as larch and spruce.

There are 23 rooms, named after local herbs, animals and plants.

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