New Tech, Audiences & Channels: The Shifting Landscape in Digital Brand Engagement

In an age where the browser is just one small channel amongst many, we’re looking at how brands are revisiting consumer engagement in digital beyond traditional web. We’ve put together some incredible stories for this session, where you’ll learn how some of the leading travel and destination brands are rethinking their approach to audience engagement. Identifying new technology, new audiences and new channels is essential for brands to keep evolving with their customers. We’ll be hearing three different perspectives, so brace yourselves for a full 90 minutes of deep insight and different perspectives. •Exploring Voice as a Medium for Brands – Contiki will share more on their journey into voice as they look at how to make this hotly tackled about new medium work as a way to engage potential and active travellers •DMOs & Digital Collaborations – How Visit Jersey have found their niche in the active fitness market by tapping into the highly engaged audience of Strava and creating unique brand engagement. •New Channels, New Audiences – Hear from Tastemade about their success in building an ultra-engaged audience through powerful, highly visual content with a laser sharp focus on food lovers. Learn how they create incredible engagement for travel and how they distribute across all mediums. Concluding the session there will be a discussion with our guests about how the digital landscape is shifting for brands, how to have a true conversation with your visitors (not just through a voice app) and how to succeed not as a brand but as a storyteller.

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