Virtual tours of famous homes and palaces made available online

Virtual tours of famous homes and palaces made available online

Are you curious to see how some of the world’s most famous artists and royalty live? From the Royal Palace in Stockholm to Jackson Pollock’s New York home, you can now take virtual tours of the living spaces of creatives and royalty. These are perfect for those of us who are missing historical tours (or just feeling a bit nosey).

Seven historic homes of American artists are currently available to tour, and they give a unique insight into the living spaces and studios of some of the country’s most famous photographers, painters and sculptors. You can watch the tours online, and also learn more about these homes in Valerie Balint’s Guide to Historic Artists’ Homes & Studios. The book explores 44 homes and studios, giving a unique insight into how many artists have lived, and created, over the years.

If palaces are more of your thing, then why not watch the virtual tours of the Royal Palace in Stockholm. Led by Crown Princess Victoria, the tours covers several rooms within the palace, including Queen Louisa Ulrika’s dining room. All of the videos are available on the Swedish Royal House’s official Facebook page.

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