Food trends in the UK

Food trends in the UK

To discover the truth behind the UK’s latest food trends we teamed up with our operations team, self-proclaimed group meal booking experts! In their defence, they did book over 1 million meals last year, so we’ll take their word for it. Using live information sourced from their database of over 6,000 nationwide venues, we’ve taken an in-depth look at how food is evolving in today’s highly competitive travel trade market, from packed lunches to high-end dining.

Afternoon Tea
Tea and scones may not seem to have much room for innovation, except perhaps for the cream/jam debate, but during the last 15 years the region’s favourite elevenses has witnessed a variety of developments that should really have generated more headlines across the UK. Due to the discovery of micro-climates in Devon and Cornwall that mimic the conditions of some of the most celebrated tea growing environments more commonly found in China, British cuppa-lovers can now enjoy home-grown blends of their favourite brew.

The resurgence of a staple of British society, afternoon tea, has generated a huge interest among the public and media alike. The latest trends in food are apparent on most high streets, and the South West is no different. With a selection of independent venues trying a whole host of new ways to enhance dining experiences for an increasingly discerning market, selecting the right establishment for tourist itineraries is getting more and more difficult for tour operators. Searching the internet for hours on end just isn’t an option for many members of an industry where time is so scarce. That’s where innovative new companies are leading the way with concise, easy to use booking portals that showcase an entire database of restaurants at the touch of the button.

Packed lunches
London has led the revival of British food and drink, largely due to its melting-pot attitude towards cuisine.  However, the South East has so much more to offer than the culinary delights of an increasingly commercial capital. Outside of the cereal cafes and pop up street stalls, there is a wealth of convenient, crowd pleasing options for the UK’s travel trade.

For groups on the go, dining options can be hard to come by due to the nature of complicated itineraries that attempt to please everyone. That’s where packed lunches come in… although they’re not served in your typical school lunch boxes. Jamie Oliver’s health revolution, together with a wide-range of nationwide government campaigns, has put fresh food firmly back on the menu, and this is reflected in the quality of meals delivered when and where they’re really needed. What’s more, with free delivery within the M25, they’re affordable options for every itinerary.

Fish ‘n’ chips is the one meal you’re bound to find on any inbound tourist program. Synonymous with British cuisine, this family favourite can be found in almost every town in the country, but it is the North East which is home to many of the most celebrated venues providing this tasty treat. However, despite the fact we live on an island surrounded by a huge selection of tasty delicacies seafood is still seen as somewhat of a novelty rather than a mainstay of the Great British menu.

With fishing quotas a hot topic of conversation due to the negations surrounding Britain’s exit from the EU, seafood has been thrust into public conscience once again. This, coupled with the largest ever choice of speciality restaurants offering a rich variety of nautical treasures, means that Britain’s reputation for seafood is slowly improving. Come on people, we’re surrounded by it!


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