Robots Redefine The Family Holiday

Robots Redefine The Family Holiday

MarBella Corfu is introducing educational robotic workshops giving children and teenagers the chance to create their own Lego robots with the help of 3D printing.

With the help of a robotics expert, children have an interactive learning experience, designing complex robots using Lego EV3. The interactive robots, which can be kept, are printed out using a 3D printer and will not only be able to move but also interact with real life stimuli.

Children from the age of 7 to 12 will become familiar with the basic concepts of robotics and construction. Teenagers from 13 to 17 will be introduced to educational robotics, construction of complex and demanding robots through Lego EV3, planning of Lego Mindstorms and a demonstration of the 3D printer.

All developmental psychologists are unanimous on the importance of play-based learning for children. Older children can capitalize on developing an engineering like mindset and enhancing creativity by both following complex instructions and challenging such instructions to build robots in an alternative way.

The family-friendly hotel in Corfu is nestled in lush gardens on a hillside with views of the crystal-clear Ionian Sea and the mainland coast of Greece.

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