Eight things the hotel industry can do to aid revenue recovery

Eight things the hotel industry can do to aid revenue recovery

Hotels have been attempting to mitigate lowering the rates and putting new measures in place with an aim to revive the hotel industry and contribute to revenue recovery amid the coronavirus outbreak. Wego has put together a list of sustainable precautions and recommendations for the hotel industry during these uncertain times.

Be flexible

There’s a few ways you can take a flexible approach to the current situation. Why not waive cancellation fees, offer a full refund and allow changes in bookings at no extra cost? This will ensure your relationship with your customers stays positive and makes it more likely they will book again once travel restrictions are relaxed.

Encourage modifying the booking instead of cancelling

To save the tourism industry, companies are encouraging travellers to postpone or modify their bookings based on the measures applied in each country. So, why not check in with your customers and see if they would like to push their booking to the summer and benefit from the good rates while they last?

Promote the facility’s disinfection and hygiene practices

Highlight the new measures you are putting in place, as well as the guidelines followed, to protect against transmission of the virus. This will reassure your customers that their health and safety is your main priority during their stay.


Study customers’ behaviours closely and issue tailored alerts based on seasonality and their geolocation. This will enable you to reach out to relevant segments of travellers during their journey and suggest nearby staycations and places to visit.

Refresh loyalty programs

Consider finessing the conditions of your loyalty program. Provide tier status for loyal customers and benefit extensions. This will make it far more likely that they will book with you next year, especially as they won’t want to miss out on any perks.

Focus on staycations and offers

Promote staycations and shorter stays. This is the time for you to push those 2 for 1 night stay, full-board, and all-inclusive deals. Once they are able to travel, people will be looking for the best deals they can get and competition will be high. Use this time to plan out a full promotional campaign that you can put into action as soon as travel restrictions are lifted.

Keep your customers up to date

Ensure that your customers are up to date with the latest measures and announcements around COVID-19 and the precautions you are following in this regard. Customers will always remember that you value their safety first and will continue booking with you in the future.

Use metasearch engines

We are in this together. Wego brings the hotels’ offerings to its users to help them get the best rates and deals from hundreds of hotels and alternative accommodations.

The policies, procedures and the government initiatives applied globally as well as IATA’s efforts to combat the effect of the virus and revive the economy are promising. We are optimistic and hope to see a growth in the next couple of months.

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  1. Kasia says:

    Thanks! Love the idea of promoting staycation the most – we already see an uplift of domestic travel in Asia, which is ahead of the curve.
    I would take it a step further and focus on your local residents – make sure you reach them with offers of 1-night romantic getaways, but also gift vouchers and experiences such as spa treatments, afternoon tea, tasting menus, etc.
    If you are not selling gift vouchers yet, Hotel Treats are now offering their tech for free for a limited time: https://www.hoteltreats.com/en/save-your-hospitality-business-gift-vouchers

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